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February 2011
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Students Well-Served

Results of 2010 student survey show deep academic engagement.

In March 2010, the Office of Research, Planning and Assessment conducted its first comprehensive survey of the student experience both inside and outside the classroom. The entire student body was invited to participate.

starsAbout 44 percent of degree-seeking students responded from the associate degree, Day, Weekend and graduate programs. Findings were released to the campus community this past winter.

The 2011 Annual Current Student Survey is being administered this spring. Here's a cross-section of the first survey's findings:

  • 92 percent of students believe they are making good progress toward their academic goals.
  • 74 percent of students have identified a faculty or staff member whom they consider to be a personal role model.
  • 81 percent of students agree with the statement: "My classes have taught me to examine controversial issues from multiple perspectives."
  • 90 percent of students are satisfied with their academic major.
  • 93 percent of students say they are satisfied with their overall experience at St. Kate's.
  • 47 percent of St. Catherine students have parents who have not earned a college degree.
  • 79 percent agree with the statement: "My current financial situation or the financial situation of my family causes me stress."


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