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February 2011
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Dawn Lindblom, MAOL '03Visionary Leadership

Dawn Lindblom, MAOL '03

Career: CEO, American Red Cross Capital Chapter, Sacramento, California

St. Kate's influence: "One of my responsibilities is to let my management team know I recognize all of them as leaders. I talk to them about [MAOL founder] Julie Belle White-Newman's three legs of leadership: effective, ethical and enduring. I tell them, 'We will fail and it's OK, but we also are going to have incredible successes.' Now it's a completely different place. It's lively, and our team is visionary."

Globalization and the Red Cross: "As the world's largest humanitarian network, with more than 97 million volunteers in 80 different countries, Red Cross has experienced firsthand the strength of our global network in responding to disasters such as the Haiti earthquake. We are always ready to respond whether down the street, across the country or around the globe."

Ariella Tilsen, MAOL '99

Integrative Leadership

Ariella Tilsen, MAOL '99

Career: Consultant with Twin Cities–based Cincinnatus, a multi-sector consulting firm providing integrated strategic and leadership services; since 2007, she has also coached and trained community leaders in South Africa using what she calls a "cultural, contextual" approach.

St. Kate's influence: "The MAOL helped me to see that there isn't one right, static way to lead or do leadership development. It depends on the people, the organization and the larger sociocultural context. Even ethics are culturally contextual. By the end of the program, I developed my own approach to leadership, which became the foundation of my consulting with businesses, multicultural organizations and communities."

The glolobalization of MAOL: "I think St. Kate's has a golden opportunity to become a leader at the global level. The MAOL has a strong foundation on which to build, since ethical, effective and enduring leadership must reflect people's historical, social and cultural context."

Philomena Morrissey Satre, MAOL '08

Ethical Leadership

Philomena Morriseey Satre, MAOL '08

Career: Vice president of diversity and inclusion, Great Lakes region, Wells Fargo. She leads the diversity efforts of 52 volunteer affinity groups across the Great Lakes region — from Asian and Latino networks to groups for baby boomers, women and veterans.

St. Kate's influence: "MAOL taught me about leading teams in an ethical manner, driving for results, creating accountability and recognizing people to help them feel really good about what they do."

How diversity works: "Our philosophy is to reflect the diverse communities that we serve. Wells Fargo team members need to look like our customers and speak their language — not just ethnically but also generationally, as Millenials, Gen-Xers and Baby Boomers."