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O'Shaughnessy Scholar, Meet the Senate President

Student leaders swap tips about surviving the transition to college.

A couple of Katies met for coffee recently at Quixotic Coffee in Highland Park. It was a chance for a first-year student to get some advice about surviving the first few weeks of college from the student Senate president.

Cecilia: How homesick were you at first?

Nelum: To be honest, I missed my cat. When you go to college you don't have interaction with animals, other than the dogs that people are walking around campus. That was a huge thing.

Cecilia: I miss my pets, too. And I miss my really tight-knit group of friends. It takes years to build that kind of trust and friendship. The first couple days here I wanted that right away, and it took about a week for me to realize that you really can't build that sort of relationship overnight.

Nelum: I wish I could say it gets better, but I'm going through that right now, too. A lot of my friends just graduated. Do you still keep in contact with your friends?

Cecilia: Yes, but it's not the same thing. You can't really do much with someone through Skype, Facebook or texting. You can't go shopping with
them or see a movie, so it feels like it's mostly just, "How's your day?"

Nelum: They can never really understand your experience, right?

Cecilia: Because they're not here. Sometimes it's just easier to talk to your roommate. She knows what you're going through.

Nelum: I guess that's where getting involved is important. I know you hear it all the time, but that's how I've met my closest friends. When I came to campus, right away I got involved with RHA. Then I wrote for The Wheel. I was the news editor. And then there's the Senate. People try to find what they're good at on campus. So don't feel like you need to find just one organization. You can move around, and you're going to meet people so fast.

—Kayla Schaefer

From the Heart Nelum Madanyake '12

Nelum Madanayake '12
Student Senate president
Hometown: Eden Prairie, Minnesota
Planned Major: International Relations
Clubs/Organizations: Residence Hall Association (RHA), The Wheel, student Senate


Cecilia Moline '14

Cecilia Moline '14
O'Shaughnessy Scholar
Hometown: Oakdale, Minnesota
Planned Major: International Business
Minor: German
Clubs/Organizations: Theater Club