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Queen of the Green

Coach Kristine Wessinger gives the Wildcats' new golf program a competitive edge.

The Wildcats will have a new varsity golf team in the fall of 2011. In order to be as competitive as possible, St. Kate's has hired former University of Minnesota Associate Head Coach Kristine Wessinger to recruit and coach its student athletes.

"Hiring Kris is a homerun for us," says Athletic Director Eric Stacey. "She brings so many connections in Minnesota and the region because of her competition and coaching experience."

Why would Wessinger move from Division I to Division III? It turns out she was a Tommie, graduating in 2002, and a leader on the University of St. Thomas team that captured the MIAC title her senior year. She also qualified for nationals twice. Wessinger says she embraces the student-athlete ethic and looks forward to building her own program at St. Kate's.

Heads-up, golfers. She has some advice for you!

How did you get into golf? My whole family played — my mom, dad, brother and me. We were the perfect foursome.

What makes you a good coach for women? I care a lot about my athletes and my students. I bring a good deal of knowledge from my playing experience, and I bring a positive attitude. Even if you've had a bad round, I'll give you a pat on the back.

FAQ about your golf game: People always ask: "When did you
start playing?" So many women don't start until at least their 20s
or 30s. I started at age 7.

What personality traits predict a great golfer? Someone who is passionate about playing golf, loves to play, is internally motivated to improve each day, has confidence and believes in herself.

What is your favorite shot: A bump and run around the greens.

Least favorite shot? The 40- to 50-yard shot is just a tough shot for me. I would rather have 100 yards to the green than 40 yards.

What's the best way to shake a golfing funk? Focus on one shot at a time. Be in the moment. It's amazing how much more successful you can be when you're present.

Where will you take the Wildcats for winter training? We will plan to take a spring break trip each year to Arizona. We will play in a tournament and have the chance to play some great golf courses and practice during the winter months.

Best activities to improve your game in any season? Yoga is a great complementary activity because it builds strength and flexibility, and teaches you to be in the moment. Also, lift weights and do cardio to build strength and endurance.

— Elizabeth Child

From the Heart Kristine Wessinger

Kristine Wessinger.