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October 2010
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Scan: October 2010 From the President Go
Andrea J. Lee, IHM

From the Heart Go

Behind the Scenes Go
Urban Adventurer

Favorite Places Go
Lost in the Woods

The View from Here Go
Fair Play

The Flip Side Go

Executive Editor
Amy Gage

Managing Editor
Andy Steiner

Art Direction
Jessica Gallo Design

Staff Writer
Pauline Oo

Editorial Coordinator
Maha El-Wailli

Elizabeth Child, Emily Dewey '13, Kris Drake, Grace Dupre '11, Rich Fleischman, Alli Jagoda, Elizabeth Foy Larsen, Amy Lindgren '83, Ashley Murray '11, Theresa McHugh Palmersheim '72, Sharon Parker, Kayla Schaefer, Sher Stoneman, Catherine Tsen '11, Dawn Villella, Rebecca Zenefski '10

Colleen Curran '75 holds the purple and gold "Alumnae" banner behind which several dozen alumnae promenaded for Convocation on September 8; to her right stands Kay Bendel '56. PHOTO BY DAWN VILLELLA.


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