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June 2009
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Recipe for Success: Assistant Professor Jill Hamilton–Reeves


A clean, well-lighted place on the garden level of Fontbonne Hall,
St. Kate’s food lab is where students studying the science of dietetics go to learn everything they need to know about food and nutrition.

For Assistant Professor Jill Hamilton-Reeves, the food lab is also a source of
pride. "Many colleges have cut their food labs because they are too expensive,"
she says. "But St. Kate’s hasn’t. That’s great because our graduates really understand foods. They know the scientific principles because they’ve conducted experiments. They’ve been able to roll up their sleeves and get to work."

The lab resembles a large commercial kitchen, stocked with a variety of ovens sporting gas and electric ranges. At the front of the lab is one of Hamilton-Reeves’ favorite features: a fully outfitted countertop complete with demonstration mirror, giving the students a clear, unobstructed view.

"Food is a common language for everyone," says Hamilton-Reeves. "Preparing food together is a way we can experience cultures and traditions. It’s not something we could do in a regular classroom."


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