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June 2009
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Above the Fray: Edie Taylor '09


Nursing student Edie Taylor ’09 found her favorite place at St. Kate’s while searching for a quiet spot to review her notes before an exam. “I decided to try moving a floor or so above the nursing labs on the sixth floor of the Education Building,” she recalls. “I went up to the eighth floor,
walked out of the elevator and, lo and behold: Paradise!”

Taylor’s “paradise” is actually just a table and a couple of comfy chairs that afford a view of the busy neighborhood surrounding the Minneapolis campus. “I call it my window on the world,” says the single mother of two adult sons. “I love the people I go to school with, but they need to socialize before an exam. I need calm.”

Before deciding to earn her bachelor’s degree in nursing, Taylor lived in California and Washington, D.C., working as a surgical tech and volunteering at a homeless shelter and in a hospice.

Once she graduates in December, she’d like to work with HIV/AIDS patients as a missionary in Haiti. Her St. Kate’s degree will help her get there. “Class by class, I’m getting closer to living my dream.”




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