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Fall 2007
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Photos from “The Spirit of Our Lady”

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About this photo set


Mother Antonia McHugh meticulously planned every detail of Our Lady of Victory Chapel “to symbolize the expansiveness and future orientation that makes St. Catherine University what it is today,” says Associate Professor Mary Ann Brenden, who has thoroughly studied the Chapel’s history.

“Our Lady of Victory connects us to an enduring tradition of identity with a thick thread of stone and bricks and tile that symbolizes St. Catherine’s enduring mission. The Chapel is a call to each of us, urging us to carry forth the vision our founders held for women in our world, for educational justice, for a Church that heals and inspires humanity and leads toward the renewal and redemption of all.”

These photos depict stone carving featured on the Chapel’s grand portal, which, along with the rose window, are emblems of the Chapel’s historic architecture. Presiding over the grand portal is Mary, Our Lady of Victory. The portal carvings also include 10 patron saints, the legend of St. Catherine, and numerous other symbols and stories relating to the University’s heritage.