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Fall 2007
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What does it take to fill a dorm room?

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LETTER JACKET. Many members of the incoming class were on high school athletic teams. At Hill-Murray, a Catholic school in Maplewood, Minnesota, Coughlin lettered in academics, band, and track and field. Her jacket also sports a National Honor Society patch.


HIGH TOPS, SIZE 9½. Every young woman needs an opportunity to show her personal style.


THE REFLECTIVE WOMAN. Coughlin spent the summer reading selections from The Reflective Woman, the required text for all incoming students. Erin is in an honors section of "The Reflective Woman” course. An honors student at a competitive private high school, she won the prestigious St. Catherine of Alexandria Scholarship for Academic Excellence and Leadership.


TRACK SHOES. A mid-distance runner and high jumper, Coughlin was a standout on her high school track-and-field team. She will be running with the Wildcats in the spring.


LAUNDRY SOAP. One downside of leaving home is being totally responsible for keeping your clothes clean.


SNOWBOARD BOOTS. Winter doesn’t stop the athletic coughlin, who chose to stay in the Upper Midwest for college because she’d hate to be far away from the snow.


The Things She Carried:

1SNOWBOARD. Growing up in Wisconsin, Coughlin liked to snowboard at Trollhaugen in Dresser, Wisconsin, and Afton Alps in Hastings, Minnesota. She hopes to continue snowboarding with new friends from St. Kate’s.

2 DISH SET. Rauenhorst's apartment-style suites come equipped with basic kitchens and small living rooms. Coughlin is excited to be on her own. "It'll be like having my own apartment," she says, "only I don't have to cook all the time." Coughlin purchased a dining pass, so she can grab a bite in the dining room at Coeur de Catherine.

3 PAINTING. Hills, Coughlin’s original oil painting, depicts the rolling landscape near her home in rural Wisconsin. A country girl at heart, she’s looking forward to spending her college years on a pretty, wooded campus set in a city. One major she’s considering is studio arts.

4 QUILT. A gift from her two great aunts — both Katies — this hand-made quilt will keep Coughlin warm on cold winter nights. Coughlin’s grandmother and her mother are also St. Kate’s grads, making her a TripliKate. About 10 percent of the incoming class has moms or grandmas who attended what was then the College of St. Catherine.