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June 2009
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The View From Here: Emily Holte '09


Growing up near Aitkin in northern Minnesota, Emily Holte '09 was used to having a lake in her backyard and the freedom to roam where she pleased.

So when she came to St. Kate's in 2006, it took time to get used to the College's urban setting. "At the beginning," she says, "I spent a lot of time near Dew Drop Pond." It reminded her of home.

With time, Holte began to adjust to — and even appreciate — city life. She saw that urban neighborhoods possess their own sort of beauty. For the accounting major, the downtown skylines started to represent an exciting future full of career possibilities.

Holte's favorite spot on campus is the terrace outside the Coeur de Catherine coffee shop. The view, a vista of Dew Drop Pond and the Minneapolis skyline, "connects me with my home at home and my new home here," she says.

"It is a grand view. When I look out here, I think of words like vision, opportunity, career, future. Everything is out there for me. I just have to take advantage of it."

Emily Holte '09