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October 2008
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From the President's Office


Andrea J. Lee, IHM I write from a veranda on the Oosterdam where some 20 alumnae and I are cruising down the Baja coast of California toward ports of call in Mexico. Sunny Bach Wicka '55 has done her usual splendid job in planning a fabulous trip. The sea is shimmering like glass and the sun has warmed the air to a balmy 68 degrees. We've been sailing for nearly two days and, along with delightful dinners with very intelligent, engaged and "fun to be with" Katies (and a few spouses), these days at sea have left some precious time for reading and reflecting.

On June 1, 2009, we will officially become St. Catherine University, and the senior staff, trustees and I have been working hard to plan for the restructuring of the College. The University will include three colleges — a college for graduate studies, one for applied and continuing education and, of course, the undergraduate college for women, which will remain the "heart of the enterprise."

Four schools will offer students a "home" as they pursue their studies. They include the Schools of: Arts, Sciences and Humanities; Business and Leadership; Professional Studies (Education, Social Work and Library and Information Science) and the Henrietta Schmoll School of Health. If you think of an interlocking matrix, the colleges are the vertical strands and the schools intersect horizontally. This arrangement offers every student a home within the University and allows us to continue our precious tradition of excellent service and close student/faculty interaction. As plans develop, we will continue to inform and consult you. It is certainly an exciting and challenging time.

I want to thank so many who responded so generously to our request for additional support for student financial aid. Your gifts — no matter what size — reflect a generosity of spirit that is truly inspiring in these challenging times. I thank you, and I know I do so as well on behalf of the many students who will benefit from your generosity.

"We need many people engaged in St. Catherine University as donors, volunteers and vocal advocates."
Many have commented about the extraordinary gift we received to support the School of Health. A million dollars a year in perpetuity is certainly an amazing and humbling display of donor generosity! These funds will go a long way toward moving our university into the forefront nationally. Some might think, however, that such a gift precludes the need for smaller gifts and, indeed, for gifts of any size. While we are wildly grateful for this extraordinary legacy gift, we still need many people engaged in St. Catherine University as donors, volunteers and vocal advocates. We need you to be our best advertisement by just being who you are. It is good to count on so many who support our efforts.

The sea is still shining like a mirror. I just took a break to meet with Judge Mary Lou Klas '52, who will offer a seminar for us this afternoon on a topic in which she is a recognized expert — domestic violence. Katies are indeed amazing people and lifelong learners as well!

May 2009 bring you joy, fulfillment and abundant grace.

Andrea J. Lee, IHM

Mission Statement

The College of St. Catherine educates women to lead and influence. Founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet in 1905, the College integrates liberal arts and professional education within the Catholic traditions of intellectual inquiry and social teaching. Committed to excellence and opportunity, the College engages students from diverse backgrounds in a learning environment uniquely suited to women. Education at the College of St. Catherine prepares graduates to demonstrate ethical leadership grounded in social responsibility.

Vision Statement

To be the world's pre-eminent Catholic college educating women to lead and influence.