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February 2009
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Reflecting On ...

Philosophy and Life

William A. Myers, Ph.D.

St. Kate's Connection
Professor of Philosophy

Why Philosophy Matters
Philosophers spend their time thinking about the questions of human identity. I tell students that philosophy is the most intensely practical study, despite what anybody else tells you. It has connections to religious life, to family life, to how you think of yourself in your career. No matter what you do to make money, self-understanding is essential.

Favorite Activities
I do engraving and printing of hand-set letterpress books. I've taught engraving and taken classes at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts. My first career was working as an auto mechanic, and I feel the need to balance the physical and the mental, so I also restore and maintain antique printing presses. I'm working on a major book project of hand-set type and relief prints, quite experimental. I'm also an avid black-and-white photographer; I'm building a darkroom because I'm not satisfied with the results from sending out my work.

Best St. Catherine Memory
One student responded to a Minnesota Public Radio invitation to write in about a teacher who'd had an influence. She had been an English major and went on to be a writer. She said that I had told her that her writing was worth reading.
William A. Myers, Ph.D.

Book arts are a passion of William A. Myers, Ph.D., who curated the exhibit "Image+Text/Text+Image" at the College's Catherine G. Murphy Gallery last fall. The exhibit explored the intersection of visual and textual meaning in the history of the book.
Photo by Tony Nelson