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October 2008
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From the President's Office


Andrea J. Lee, IHM As I write, more than 5,200 St. Catherine students are well into a new academic year. Last week we celebrated a beautiful Opening Mass of the Holy Spirit, followed by an academic procession leading the students into The O'Shaughnessy for Opening Convocation, and then on to the all-college picnic. A decades-old tradition opened a year that will be far from traditional!

Why? Because it was our last Opening Convocation as the College of St. Catherine. Because this year's first-year class will be the last to enter the College, and our Centennial class, which began in 2005, is the last to graduate from the College of St. Catherine next spring. Because next year, God willing, I will open the academic year at Minnesota's newest university – St. Catherine University, still the largest college for women in North America.

St. Catherine University. I've said our new name a hundred times to myself in the weeks since the Board of Trustees voted unanimously, by individual voice vote, to name our institution St. Catherine University. It is direct. It is simple. It is true. It is elegant and authentic. It is who we are. It feels right and good.

St. Catherine University will bring a new academic administrative structure that includes three yet-to-be-named colleges: the undergraduate college for women, a college for graduate studies, and a college for applied and continuing studies. Four schools will house our academic programs and faculty in new configurations. The schools include the school that will house our programs in the liberal arts, sciences and humanities, as well as our School of Health, a school for our leadership and business programs, and a school of professional studies that will house education, library science and our St. Catherine/St. Thomas Joint School of Social Work.

"St. Catherine University most accurately reflects our institution as it exists today."
At first blush, a name change may seem not all that important, especially when we knew that St. Catherine would definitely remain in our new name. On closer look, however, a name carries deep spiritual as well as practical meaning. We think we chose the right name; we chose it carefully; and we chose it with a great degree of solemnity and respect for this moment of profound change.

St. Catherine University most accurately reflects our institution as it exists today, indeed as it has been for 30 years – a mid-size comprehensive university offering a spectrum of programs ranging from associate degrees and certificates through doctorates.

So there you have it. A new name to become official next June 1. A new time of growth and change. A time for reflection and deep regard for the powerful past that has shaped us. A clear eye on the future. Dear St. Catherine, guard us as you always have.

Have a wonderful autumn. Visit when you are able. In the meantime, let me know if you have thoughts. My e-mail is ajlee@stkate.edu. Thank you for all you do for our wonderful, soon to be, St. Catherine University.

Andrea J. Lee, IHM

Mission Statement

The College of St. Catherine educates women to lead and influence. Founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet in 1905, the College integrates liberal arts and professional education within the Catholic traditions of intellectual inquiry and social teaching. Committed to excellence and opportunity, the College engages students from diverse backgrounds in a learning environment uniquely suited to women. Education at the College of St. Catherine prepares graduates to demonstrate ethical leadership grounded in social responsibility.

Vision Statement

To be the world's pre-eminent Catholic college educating women to lead and influence.