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January 2008

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Reflecting On - Interdisciplinary Learning

Science and Feminism

Cindy Norton, Ph.D.

St. Kate's Connection
Professor of Biology and Women's Studies, Endowed Professor in the Sciences, 2006—09

Most Notable Accomplishment
Establishing an active research program focusing on the reproductive biology and behavior of the hermaphroditic freshwater snail, Helisoma trivolvis. This work combines my interest in reproductive behavior and gender issues, and allows me to provide valuable research experiences for our biology majors.

Thoughts on Science and Feminism
Some of my most valuable learning (and teaching) experiences have been in my interdisciplinary work. I love thinking about how individuals trained in different fields view the same problem in different ways and how their thinking and methods often overlap. I am particularly interested in the intersections of feminism and science, and am planning "Inclusive Science" (see below), a conference focused on how science has been influenced by race, class and gender biases, and strategies to overcome those biases to better understand scientific processes and improve students' science learning experiences.

Favorite Activities
Running, biking and playing with the Corps de Catherine, a group of St. Kate's faculty, staff and their families. Singing with a church choir, a MacPhail School of Music ensemble and a quintet. Knitting, skiing, movies, spending time with family and pets.

Best St. Catherine's Memory
Participating in the St. Kate's version of A Prairie Home Companion for Opening Workshop — what a blast!

Catherine Christians Spaeth, Ph.D.

Cindy Norton, Ph.D.


Inclusive Science: Articulating Theory, Practice and Action

June 16 — 18, 2008

Changing science by bringing together scholars in the areas of feminist critique, critical and liberative pedagogies, and
activism in science.