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January 2008

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From the President's Office


Andrea J. Lee, IHMPeople often ask if St. Catherine's has "any male employees or trustees." I've gotten used to the question and, after joking that we do have a "few guys who get it," point with pride to the significant cadre of male trustees, administrators, faculty and staff who contribute so much to the vitality of our college.

Archbishop Ireland was a man who understood that an excellent education for women could be a powerful catalyst for good in the world. He had the insight, along with active encouragement from his sister, Mother Seraphine, to establish a college for women. His vision ignited the generosity of our first lay benefactor, Hugh Derham. With these two men, a long line of "men who get it" have served the College in various roles. Because of the engagement of Archbishop Ireland and Hugh Derham, the Sisters of St. Joseph pushed past the criticism of others to create a prestigious college for women.

A long line of "men who get it" have served the College in various roles. We are happy to feature a few of them in this issue of SCAN.

Today, many talented men work hard to put flesh and bones on the mission of our college. Three of 10 members of my Cabinet are male. The most senior faculty member, Charles Buzicky, is male, as are a number of revered professors and some of the youngest and most recent additions to our faculty. We have had male Board officers, including Stephen Roszell and Michael Galvin, who presently serve, and Chuck Denny, Larry O'Shaughnessy, Tom Coughlan and Leonard Bisanz, who have served as board chairs in the past. The Archbishop is a board member and trusted advisor. We have talented and committed staff who work in finance, facilities, technology, The O'Shaughnessy, as well as in counseling, admissions and campus ministry. We have wonderfully accomplished faculty members in business, history, theology, philosophy, English and psychology, as well as in sociology, biology, chemistry and healthcare, among others. Many of our athletic coaches are men.

Unlike many colleges, including some colleges for women, a significant majority of our employees are women, and every president has been female. Still, there have been many competent and committed men across the decades who have brought diversity and their remarkable intelligence and commitment to our College. We are happy to feature a few of them in this issue of SCAN. In addition to staff, faculty and trustees, we attract a diverse population of students here at St. Kate's, including men who enroll in our graduate and associate degree programs. As the School of Health and our graduate programs grow, we anticipate more men enrolling.

Finally I salute some of my favorite people - those I like to call the "smartest men in the world." These are men like Rick Bendel, Tom Pacholl, Buzz Myser, Bill Brombach, and Gerry Rauenhorst; like John Morrison, Brian Mullen and Lahens St. Fleur; or Joe Mucha, John Gries, Michael Nadler, Larry McGough and thousands of others who had the wisdom to choose St. Catherine's women as their life partners. They truly are men "who get it."

As we move through this short time between Christmas and Lent, I assure you of my daily prayer and send good wishes for an easy winter and a "before you know it" arrival of spring.

Andrea J. Lee, IHM


Mission Statement
The College of St. Catherine educates women to lead and influence. Founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet in 1905, the College integrates liberal arts and professional education within the Catholic traditions of intellectual inquiry and social teaching. Committed to excellence and opportunity, the College engages students from diverse backgrounds in a learning environment uniquely suited to women. Education at the College of St. Catherine prepares graduates to demonstrate ethical leadership grounded in social responsibility.

Vision Statement
To be the world's pre-eminent Catholic college educating women to lead and influence.