St. Kate's Alumna T-shirtEngaging Alumnae

Now and for a Lifetime

A major initiative is underway to engage alumnae in new, significant ways in the life of St. Catherine University. The concept emerged two years ago when Vice President Marjorie Mathison Hance '70 learned of a private university that identified alums as "students forever."

After discussing it at length, we began to ask, "What would it mean for St. Catherine to think of our graduates as students who would always be with us, as an integral part of our ongoing work?"

Serving alumnae throughout their lives

St. Catherine is now a university with four schools, three colleges and a new strategic plan emphasizing distance learning and graduate programs. The time has come to consider how we can serve alumnae in professional growth, continuing education, personal development and volunteerism throughout their lives.

The benefits are obvious for both: the University will benefit by having alumnae help shape and participate in programs, and alumnae will have new opportunities for engagement and intellectual stimulation. At the same time, we want to honor many wonderful initiatives already underway by the Alumnae Association.

President Andrea J. Lee, IHM, has formed a task team of key leaders to explore this concept and make the vision a reality.

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