Donating Stock or Mutual Fund Shares

In addition to helping the University achieve its mission, gifts of securities often give the donor significant tax benefits. For example, donations of appreciated stock held for over one year are generally tax-deductible at market value, regardless of the price the donor paid for the shares. In addition, there are capital gains tax advantages through such a gift. Consult your tax advisor for more information.

Whenever possible, have your broker transfer your shares of stock electronically instead of having a stock certificate issued. Paper stock certificates can be lost, stolen or damaged; they also take additional time to process.

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Donating Mutual Fund Shares or Bonds

Please have your broker or financial services provider contact the University directly for information on donating mutual fund shares or bonds.


The University values gifts of stock based on the average of the high and low share prices as of the date on which the stock transfer is completed. The University values gifts of mutual fund shares using the closing share value as of the date on which the shares were transferred.

A gift receipt will be issued listing details of the gift, the transfer date and the share value used in the University's calculation. Donors are encouraged to consult with their tax advisors regarding the deductibility of their contributions.

Transfer Date

Electronic Transfers: The transfer date for electronic transfers is the date the shares were deposited in the University's account.

Hand-Delivered Certificates: For hand-delivered certificates, the transfer date is the date the certificate, Letter of Intent and stock power are received by a University representative.

Mailed Stock Certificates: For mailed stock certificates, the transfer date is the latter of the two postmark dates on the envelopes containing the certificate(s), Letter of Intent and the stock power.

Certificates Conveyed Via Delivery Service: For stock certificates conveyed via a delivery service such as FedEx, UPS or DHL, the transfer date is the date the envelope containing the certificate, Letter of Intent and stock power was received.

For stock certificates re-registered in the University's name (which is not necessary and therefore not recommended), the transfer date is the effective date of this ownership change.

Sale of Shares

It is the policy of St. Catherine University to sell securities as soon as we know the transfer is complete.

Contact the Development Office

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Information Services Coordinator
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