Christina Young

Meet Cristina Young

Class of 2011

"I have a big student leadership job as part
of the Assistantship Mentoring Program."

Hometown: Marine on St. Croix, Minnesota

Major/minor: English major, business minor

Best thing about spring: “I graduate! And I love seeing students outside and the beauty of the campus in spring.”

Activities: “I have five campus jobs, and I love them all. That’s my fun.”

Favorite student job: “I am a teaching assistant for Associate Professor Mary Henderson, chair of the business department. She helped me get certified by StrengthsQuest. I am the first undergraduate student in the nation to be trained in presenting it to other students, and I’ve presented it twice now for the ‘Principles of Management’ class and the ‘Business Practicum’ course.”

What is StrengthsQuest? “It’s an online assessment test and program that helps you focus on your strengths instead of your weaknesses and gives you an understanding of how to use your strengths in your personal and professional life. I learned that I’m a ‘maximizer.’ I have the ability to see others’ strengths and help them excel.”

Post-college plans: “I am particularly interested in working at Best Buy after I graduate because it’s a strength-based organization. I’m thinking of going into human resources.”

Why an English major matters: “An English degree will come into play with writing proposals for business, writing acceptance letters, writing plans. English gives you a lot of business skills.”

What do you do to relax: “I like to read. Currently my favorite author is Sophie Kinsella, who wrote the ‘shopaholic’ novels.”

On the St. Kate's community: “It will be like leaving home when I graduate. I feel so connected here. It’s a great atmosphere.”