June Yang-Gungsing

Meet June Yang-Gungsing

Class of 2013

"My internship as a costume designer at the Minnesota Children’s Museum is teaching me skills I will use in my career."

Hometown: White Bear Lake, Minnesota

Major/minor: Apparel design major, studio art minor

Campus job: Publicity coordinator for the St. Kate’s Activities Team (SKAT), which organizes activities for students.

Internship: Assistant to the costume designer at the Minnesota Children’s Museum

Strangest job at the museum: Repairing a stuffed spider that kids had torn while playing.

Biggest lesson: “I am learning to use state-of-the-art equipment that will help me in my apparel design career. And I am learning how to make things durable so they can withstand active children.”

Future goals: “I’d like to be part of a design team. Someday I’d like to design for women who are petite like me and have trouble finding their exact size.”

Most exciting apparel design assignment: “I have to take an existing garment and give it a new life. I am looking forward to using an old dress of my mother’s with a pattern I like to make a really cute skirt and jacket.”

Why the liberal arts matter: “I think it will prepare me to have an open mind when I pursue my future career. ‘The Reflective Woman’ course has helped me think outside the box and be aware of social issues. When I make a piece of clothing I have to decide who I want to buy it. I am aware that a lot of people can’t afford new clothing so there are social justice questions that affect apparel design.”