Images of Madeline Forest, 2003, Watercolor, 38 x 45

Windows on the World – Open for Viewing
Legacy of a Lifetime of Painting
Patricia Bratnober Saunders

November 7 – December 20, 2012
Artist Reception: Saturday, November 10, 6 – 8 p.m.
All Events are Free and Open to the Public

I hope my work will arrest the viewer with the impact of its color and the intrigue of its composition. Beyond that, I want to share yearnings and ruffle sleeping memories. My own experience will be discerned in the work but I want the viewer to find a home there for his or her personal history, too. I follow today’s painting modes with interest, but make no attempt to be part of the mainstream.
–Pat Bratnober Saunders

Curator’s reflection:

Here you will find many different facets of her studio work.
      The eloquent early portraits of children bring vivid life to life.
There are small landscapes that soar with quiet beauty,
      created through deft application of thin layers of transparent watercolor paint.
Opened sketchbooks in the gallery vitrines offer meditations of the traveler,
      caught moments, succinct, spare and lush.
Coastal towns, often painted from the passing boat, appear in fact and form,
      and Duluth, stretched out to Park Point, is seen from the hill far above the lake.
There is a repeating motif of the Window, a meandering long thought about what is inside and outside,
      of the room, of our own minds, perhaps.
Some paintings have a jazz life, with contrasts of depiction and distortion,
      creating a satisfying cubist—inspired syncopated beat.

From Florida to Brittany to Thailand and more, Pat’s masterful eye and hand has brushed a complex legend of travel and domesticity, creating images that record her intense notice of the natural world, honed into a resounding homage to this earth and its people.
–Elizabeth Erickson, Curator

Director’s reflection:

The Catherine G. Murphy gallery is committed to supporting and promoting women artists as they emerge, at mid–career, as established artists and into their senior years. Art is a life–long vocation that gives purpose to each day. This is certainly true in the case of Patricia Bratnober Saunders, whose body of work spans a period of over sixty years and whose legacy is timeless.

–Kathleen M. Daniels, Gallery Director

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Saturday, Sunday: Noon - 6:00 p.m.
Free and Open to the Public

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