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VANISHING, The Wonderland of Aging

Oct. 26-Dec. 19, 2008
Featuring Bette Globus Goodman, Lucy Rose Fischer, Karen Searle and Jody Stadler

Four women artists, age 60s to late 70s, engage in a visual discourse about the enigmatic, disquieting experience of growing old. What they cannot say in the language of words, they capture in images — in color, in black and white, in two- and three-dimensions, with humor and whimsy, with pathos and poignancy. Their artworks convey their intricate and disparate emotions: indignation, sorrow, vitality, defiance, resignation, desire.

Jar Series - Betty Globus Goodman
Jar Series–#1
Betty Globus Goodman


Working in different media, they explore parallel themes:

- the indignity of aging bodies
- the confrontation with mortality
- the compression of time
- the loss of identity
- the sense of being unseen and on-the-shelf

Exit/No Exit - Lucy Rose Fischer
Lucy Rose Fischer
Exit/No Exit

70th Birthday 2_207_520_000
70th Birthday 2,2007,520,000
Jody Stadler

Body Bag 1 - Karen Searle
Body Bag 1
Karen Searle