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7 Deadly Scenarios - Senior Show, 2006
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Nancy Johnson Nancy Johnson
As a photographer, I am captivated by the awkward occurrences that set acts of the ordinary off kilter. From the individual who trips and stumbles to the ground in passing, to the bizarre commentary scrawled upon a bathroom wall, these gawky instances transform acts of normalcy into unique and memorable experiences. At times, however, it seems that many of these characteristics remain unnoticed: they either appear so subtly within their environment that people are unaware of them, or the occurrence is simply too awkward for others to interact with comfortably.  Despite the recognition they may or may not receive, I feel that these distinctive instances are often the essence of their environment.  By breaking the state of normalcy in a given setting, the awkward presence of just a single object has the ability to transform things of the ordinary into something extraordinary.  Through the act of recording these unique occurrences by means of the photograph, I aim to draw attention to these subtly extravagant instances and the significance they have in composing their environment.


Erin Tabert Erin Tabert
When I sprang into this city as a young artist, excited to bound down every street ahead of me, I realized that there was a whole variety of new experiences at my feet. Here I have found a heightened sense of self. It has inspired a focus on self-portraits, political awareness, and subculture in my paintings. I find that I can’t go anywhere without a sketchbook, letting my drawings of people in their setting evolve into paintings of colorful emotion. The concept of expression also strikes me as a basic action of nature, which is why I painted animals in human-like poses. While being out and about, I often find myself sketching random people who capture my attention due to their clothing style or ways of interaction with others. As a member of the punk rock community, I see how the aesthetic of a subculture motivates people to gather and share opinions. My drawings and paintings reflect various moods from the friends and peers that I intermingle with.  Something within always conjures up the inspiration to create art as I go about my day.
Katherine Ward Katie Ward
I am an interior designer, and I enhance interior spaces through color, light, texture, and pattern. The starting point of my works sparks from playful, experimental, abstract drawings. I use the lively, curving lines from my drawings and push them further into a tangible, 3D design. For instance, to create a wall piece for an interior I sketched and arranged sticks until I found the pattern I wanted. I bound the sticks with glue and yarn and coated them with a thick, tar-like paint. I attached them to the wall in a rectangular pattern. Creating unique interior spaces that engage the viewer is exciting and inspiring.  I make these works to experiment with unique forms, to find new challenges, and to satisfy the viewer in the interior environment.
Britta Johanson Britta Johanson
My subjects are my family and friends and the organic scenery that surrounds them. Through photography and printmaking I aim to preserve the beauty of our everyday lives.  Life in middle America can often seem mass-produced and sterile. I like to remember that each unassuming house in the suburbs contains its own microcosm, and mine is just one of millions of unique existences. I am inspired by women artists such as Nan Goldin and Sally Mann. Like them, I mean to preserve snippets in time that are known only to me. This allows me to experience my everyday surroundings as precious rather than mundane and render my loved ones as unique rather than typical.
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