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Ann Jennings
Zen Traveler Series - Autumn
Woman with Camera
Kate Furlong
Woman with Camera
Heavens Reflected in a Froxen Lake
Valerie Frank
Heavens reflected in a Frozen Lake from the series: Maps of the Heavens
Tools of the Trade
Lisa Havelin
Tools of the Trade (detail)

Artist reception: Saturday, January 29, 2005 6:30-8:30 p.m.
Exhibition dates: January 29- March 6, 2005

The Art of the Matter, January 29- March 6, 2005, presents the work of St. Catherine’s studio art faculty Todd Deutsch, Valerie Frank, Kate Furlong, Lisa Havelin, Ann Jennings, Patricia Olson, Jennifer Otis and Melanie Van Houten. These artists are stellar educators who also produce extraordinary bodies of their own work.

The studio arts have always been a part of the College of St. Catherine curriculum, although Studio Art didn’t become a discipline unto itself until 1916-1917. The Art of the Matter, which focuses on the present, is the third in a series of Centennial exhibitions at the Catherine G. Murphy Gallery. Earlier exhibitions examined our past, with Revisiting Our Roots highlighting the contributions of the Sisters of St. Joseph St., the College’s founders, and Bountiful Harvest spotlighting alumnae artists.

The 2004-2005 faculty members featured in this show build on the reputation of their predecessors and continue to grow St. Catherine’s studio art program into a formidable discipline. They keep the art program’s objectives in step with the art movement, while honoring well-established St. Catherine’s traditions. They also constantly assess and evaluate the curriculum to determine its validity and appropriateness for today’s students. As a result, our students are well prepared to step into graduate school and/or professional positions directly related to their majors. Each faculty exhibition presents a fresh body of work and provides an opportunity for students, faculty, staff and visitors to take a closer look at the varied personal statements expressed in a range of medium.

As always, I eagerly look forward to celebrating our faculty artists with the installation of this Centennial exhibition, The Art of the Matter.

Kathleen M. Daniels
The Catherine G. Murphy Gallery

Feminist Revisioning
Patricia Olson
Feminist Revisioning

Todd Deutsch

Jennifer Otis

Spilt Milk
Melanie VanHouten
Spilt Milk (detail)