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Celine Charpentier, Professor Emeritus
The Gift

Sally Kaori Kubo '99
Self-Portrait 24-27

Krista Walsh '73
Detail of Kidney Collection

Gina Gregory '04
Hazy Identity Series

Bountiful Harvest highlights the work of close to 50 College of St. Catherine Alumnae whose tenure at the College spans the decades from the 1940s to today.

The second in a series of exhibitions celebrating St. Catherine's Centennial, this juried show encompasses a variety of medium, including oil painting, silk screening, photography, bronze sculpture, enamel jewelry, wood cut prints, fiber and textile works, and more.

The show also will feature international alumnae, such as Sally Kubo of Japan and Ida Kumoji of Ghana. In several cases, the show includes work from two generations of St. Kate's alumnae.

A small selection of the many works appears at left and below.

Winifred Sweeney '42
Study in Oils
Mary C. Sweeney '70
Reflections in the Dewdrop

M. Malone Woerner '61
Storm Clouds
Roseann Mammoser '98
Tree, Rooftop, Cloud

Clara Saprasa '93
Buried Emotions
Barbara P. Quinn '59
The Deluge

Donna Ranelli Gregory
Self Portrait and Eye
Ann Jennings '71, Current Art Faculty
Late September

Frances Dillon Foley '50
Peter Lupori, Professor Emeritus
Women at the Tomb