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FemmeVolition: Senior Juried Show 2004
April 24-May 23, 2004

Grace Marie Kapsner
As a graphic design artist, one is constantly given parts and pieces of concept material and expected to assemble and create something that everyone can clearly understand and appreciate. I constantly look at life as if looking at a puzzle, trying to see the ways in which the pieces compliment one another; I’m the same way with my personal work. Often people tell me “work” and “rework” should be my first and middle name because they see how I'm always trying to figure out new ways to fit the pieces together. If one way doesn't work I'm always ready to throw the pieces into the air and start over again until I get them to fit just right. This is also the reason I choose to continue to work with graphic design. I want to create something that many people can easily appreciate, contemplate, and understand. I do this so that others may enjoy my work without the frustration of a single, misbegotten piece.

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Glacier Ice Campaign: 2 glasses/2 coasters


by Grace Kapsner

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