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FemmeVolition: Senior Juried Show 2004
April 24-May 23, 2004

Gina Gregory
I am fascinated by the play of light and the beauty that is right here in front of us, already present but undiscovered. Photography gives me a tool to re-express that which already exists. The subject matter or object, for me, is an excuse to work with light and color, which are the main elements in much of my work. I am not as concerned about what I see in front of me through my camera as I am about the dynamic elements of design. I delight in the camera’s ability to capture actuality in an illusory or mediated way. I experiment with photographing normal objects or happenings and distorting them by using reflective surfaces or shooting through colored glass. The result is an image that appears digitally manipulated or somehow abstracted. I enjoy this approach because my viewer is often unable to identify the objects I have photographed. This further stresses the point that the subject matter is often of little importance and that more attention should be paid to the image’s formal elements of design.

The combination of traditional methods and new possibilities in digital expression is the driving force behind this body of work. I am creating a cast of fictional characters in a story with no words. They are presented as solitary figures, accompanied only by sprays of flat color. I am working with the basic human form, yet these figures transcend reality into an imaginary, almost mythic realm. As fictional characters reminiscent of fairy tale stories, their colors are incredible, saturated hues, which heighten their sense of fantasy, as well as reference the digital palette from which they came. The figures themselves come quickly, through gesture drawing with brush and ink. Then I begin the meticulous process of digitally coloring them, according to their own unique attributes. The depth of the gray areas between the black of the ink and the white of the paper gives a foundation for the application of color and texture. I enjoy the visual ambiguity resulting from the combination of traditional drawings and digital manipulation. I want you to wonder how these images were made.

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