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Enrich your life. Stretch your creativity.

Before the internet, television and radio, educational movements like Chautauqua provided speakers, teachers, entertainers, religious leaders and experts of the day.

The Chautauqua movement wound down in the 1940s as radio and movie theaters made the world more accessible, however, popular Chautauqua gatherings continue to this day throughout the country.

The tradition of Chautauqua fits with St. Kate’s efforts to provide lifelong learning opportunities for alumnae, neighbors and friends. While the Office of Alumnae Relations has held one-time classes, trips and other events, the Chautauqua offerings are decidedly more ambitious.

The annual summer St. Kate's Chautauqua offers a variety of classes by renowned professors, talented staff and knowledgeable alumnae. Most offerings are two hours and sure to nurture inquisitive minds, stretch creativity and provide an atmosphere for interaction and camaraderie.


  • "Informational, informal, interesting. Great discussion."
  • "Enjoyed going somewhere totally out of my experience."
  • "The entire session should be longer because it was awesome."
  • "Just what I had hoped – great content, very easy to apply."
  • "Very though provoking. Provides an opportunity for much self reflection."
  • "Helpful in slowing down my pace and seeing new perspectives."