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The following individuals contributed $1,500 or more in unrestricted gifts in fiscal year 2007–2008.

Leadership Gifts
$25,000 +

Evaleen Everson Neufeld '46
William and Judith Dalglish McCartin Scheide '59
Wade and Brenda Grandstrand Woodson '80

Derham Society
$10,000 – $24,999

Frank † and Marilyn Branchaud Beddor '55
Mary S. Burich
John A. and Katherine Pieters Daniels '48
Patricia and Peter Frechette
Linda M. Funk '81
Marie and David Goblirsch
Daniel and Ruth Blong Haggerty '63
Lyle C. and Kathleen Westby Kasprick '91
Burt and Rosalyn McGlynn
Lawrence and Andrea McGough '54
Joseph and Kathleen McNamara Mucha '66
John and Lois Gross Rogers '63
Beatrice Meko Sieber '47

Whitby Society
$5,000 – 9,999

Nancy J. Peterson Anderson '01
Jeanne Arth '56
Michael and Ellen Bendel-Stenzel '88
Rebecca M. Bergman
Peter and Sandra Kamman Butler '56, MLS '57
Mark and Jane Chronister
Patricia A. Connelly '65
Paul and Catherine Wierschem Gatto '72
Gerald and Kathleen McGraw Gretsch '58
John and Theresa Villers Griep '63
Paul D. Hunter
Jeanette Buczynski Kissinger '53
Robert and Nadine Pichetti Lewis '63
Gini and John McCain
Corrine H. McCarthy '51, '86
Mary Virginia Micka, CSJ '43
Michael and Lorraine Majerus Nadler '53
David and Jean Delaney Nelson '80
Jane Nicolai '56
Ann Palm '89
Joan Murphy Parker '50
Helen Litchy Perry '52
Karen and Mark Rauenhorst
Dolores Schaefer '58
Patricia Shea '51
Jim and Sandy Burich Sheedy '63
Pamela Ann Wheelock '81

Fontbonne Society
$2,500 – 4,999

Russell and Kathleen Achterling Adams '84, MAOL '98
George and Darcy O'Brien Ashley '80
Joe and Pam Stegora Axberg '85
Thomas and Kathryn Faricy Barrett '57
Steven and Catherine Campbell Bartholet, MAOL '00
Eileen M. Baumgartner '64
Richard and Kay Sullivan Bendel '56
Bryan and Mary Bennett '78
Virginia Betlach '49
Gerald and Catherine Clifford Brennan '70
Bill and Judi Britt
Gwendolyn Carlson Caron '55
Ann M. Coulston '63 and Robert Marcus, M.D.
John and Mary Lou Dasburg
Catherine Davies '77 and Lawrence Johnson
Charles M. Denny, Jr.
Dr. Barbara Ward Doherty '49
Betty Dolan '45
David and Pat Running Drew '64
Carol Heyvaert Fier '79
Barbara Kueppers Fitzpatrick '57
Kathleen Wooden Flanagan '73
Patricia Carpentier Florance '55
The Most Reverend Harry J. Flynn, D.D.
Marguerite Hoffman Foster '42
Michael and Frances Culligan Galvin '54
Robert and Alma Seeley Gergen '46
John and Lucille Ryan Gravelle '49
Helen M. Gruchalla '33
Marjorie Mathison Hance '70
Claude and Donna Drew Incaudo '58
Jody M. Johnson '86
Daniel and Mary Kay Lorbiecki Kelly '69
Joan Kelly '46
Ann Marie Ahern Koets '80
Ann Larson '58
Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Andrea J. Lee, IHM
Joseph and Roberta Meyer Lombardino '53
Joan E. Madden '67
Martha Mangan '76
William † and Burnae Mitchell Marrinan '51
Joan Mitchell, CSJ '62
Karla Kenefick Murphy '78
Edith Montavon Nowicki '86
Carole O'Byrne '70
Patricia A. O'Gorman '68
Catherine Jungkunz O'Keefe '42
Lawrence and Bonnie O'Shaughnessy
Margaret R. Otte '81
Rita Gillach Otte '49 † and Thomas J. Pacholl
Anne Schmidt Otterson '55
Jane Persoon '72
Stephen and Cynthia Roszell
Stephen and Patricia Bohen Rowley '66
Paula A. Ruhland '75
Mary M. Russell '78
Julie Mies Sachs '59
Edwin and Ellen Malone Salter '47
Wenda Schmelebeck '91 and Chip Harris
Therese Sherlock, CSJ '62
John J. Spillane, Jr.
Teresa Sterns '81 and Jane Helmke
Fay Sullivan
Helen M. Wagner '69
Sunny Bach Wicka '55
Dolores Dawis Zodda '76

Mendel Society
$1,500 – $2,499

Anonymous (2 donors)
Richard and Roberta Ganas Ackley '64
Mary Ann Adrian '60
Ellen Gallagher Anderson '58
Mary Kazeil Anderson '58
Mary Calhoun Anglin '63
Shari Baldinger and Bruce Douglas
Margaret Rogers Barrett '68
Gloria Krautkremer Barry '47
Maureen Hooley Bausch
Catherine Bendel '81 and Joseph Nuņez
Sarah Berger '00 and Bruce Campbell
Toné Frank Blechert '67, MAOL '93
Marietta E. Booth
Irene Bossenmaier '48
William and Ruth Haag Brombach '60
Carol and Brian Bruess
Robert and Marjorie Tansey Bucher '42 †
Barbara A. Buhr '46
Robert and Mary Jean Kappel Burch '79
Judith Krekelberg Butler '74
Kenneth and Patricia Carroll Byrne '64
Mary Pat Byrne '81
Patricia Gavin Bailey Campion '60
Elizabeth Wieners Canavati '75
Mary Carey '63
Margo Chisholm '82
Dr. Robert and Nancy Aberg Christensen '62
Maxine Wente Closner '47
Susan F. Cochrane
Thomas and Lori Kremers Commerford '82
David and Winnifred Hoch Conger '49
Marie Sauro Conlin '47
Margaret Conlin-Duevel '80 and James Duevel
Catherine Duevel Cook '51
Jay and Mary Beth Glarner Coonan '68
Val and Kathleen Hayes Coppo '64
Katharine Grathwol Costa '55
Brooke Crane '88
John G. Crane
Colleen Curran '75
Margaret Curran '78
Carol A. Delage '80
John and Mary Dolan Delaney '58
Mary Elizabeth Dempsey '50
Mark and Catherine Nigon Dienhart '75
Patricia A. Dietz '87
Janine Kelble Dodson '86
Judith Dow-Grant and Edwin Grant
Barbara Dreher, CSJ
Pat Connolly Durkin '55
Mary Lou McKenzie Duvivier '48
Katherine Egan, CSJ '56
John and Kay Hinker Ehardt '68
Liz M. Fasciana '84
Eugene and Janet DeZurik Faulhaber '57
Robert and Jocelyn Curtis Findorff '51 †
Linda Bakeberg Flynn '72
Margaret M. Fogarty '47
David and Margaret Arola Ford '82
Stephen and Margaret Gadient '69
Judith Gamboni '98
Joan Mayer Gavin '58
Tom and Sara Gavin '77
Mary Bartscher Geller '85
Dale and Mary Gerding '62
Roseann Giguere, CSJ '61
Winifred Wurm Gleason '62
Azela Gohl-Giese '59
Debby Gray '66
Joan Gregoryk '66
John and Patricia Simms Gries '69, MAT '89
Mary Ann Leininger Gross '60
Lois Jeanne Gruenenfelder '43
Tyrone and Osiris Guzman '93
Mary Dee Hacker '74 and Steven Nishibayashi
Edward W. Hagan and Mary Baer Hagan '47 †
Michael and Skip Worthington Halloran '59
Joy Bergeron Hammer '52
Marla Martin Hanley
Ann Dougherty Harens '84 and Thomas Harens
Nevin and Marialice Harwood
Susan Hawken '95 and Lee Swanson
Susan F. Hayes
Robert and Colleen Quirk Healy '58
Colleen and Steven Hegranes
Mary F. Heinen, CSJ '58
Mary Jane Garry Hellyar '75
Harriet Hentges '63 and Wayne Koonce
Marguerite Hessian-Gatz '49
Sally and Quentin Hietpas
Edward and Betty Lou Evans Hinker '53
Kathleen Flanagan Hobday '58
Don and Dorothy Berg Hodapp '59
Nancy Bowman Holden '61
Nancy Hadrath Hooley '53
Mary Dooley Houck '53
Yvonne Houle-Gillard '91
Alberta M. Huber, CSJ '37 †
Patricia McArdell Huber '70
Robert and Patricia Black Huberty '59
Gardner and Kathleen Baumgartner Hurlburt '59
Patricia A. Hvidston '67 and Roger A. Opp
Stacy and Dave Jacobson
Annika Jaspers '66
James and Elizabeth Schaak Johnson '66
Kristin Buelt Johnson '74
Warren Johnson
David and Julie Miller Jones
Robert and Donna Busch Kasbohm '55
Judith Kavanaugh, CSJ '65
Anne Dolan Kelly '43
Mary Heinen Kelly '71
Margaret Bastien Kelsch '58
Marjorie A. Kight '50, MLS '56
Mary Ann Kight
Renee J. Koziol '89
Mary Ann Healy Kren '66
Jean Krusemark '72
Kristine A. Kubes '86
Margaret L. Kvasnicka, CSJ '61
John and Barbara Elden Larney '84
Brian and Jane Nass Lavin '84
Sheila Clifford Lind '69
Berenice Chang Lum '58
Peter and Catherine Lupori
LaVonne Wyffels Lutz '55
Carol Anne Malenofski '84
Elizabeth Maloney '80 and Ralph Magnusson
Thomas and Lezlie Ott Marek '80
Frank and Margaret Johnston Marvin '64
Lorraine Avoy Mau '40
Lori R. Maxfield, Ph.D.
Susan Clements McCloskey '67
William and Virginia Claessens McDonald '57
Mary Horgan McDonough '46
Tammy and Mike McGee
Joan McGinty, CSJ '59
Mary McGrath '54
Florence Lenihan McHugh '51
Margaret K. McLaughlin
John A. and Margaret Ann Mahoney McMahon '55
Pamela J. McNulty
Theresa Kelly McPartlin '69
Jean Congo Menton '68
Joan Mertz '76
Christine L. Meuers '80 and Steven E. Rau
Carol Svihel Michalke '62
Charles and Mary Albright Michel '71
Karen Sherlock Middleton '64
Anne Ward Miller '63
Kathleen A. Moriarty, MAOL '96
Dr. Mary Alice Muellerleile '60
Joanne '83 and Brian Mullen
Patricia A. Mullen '61
Michael and Jane Randolph Murphy '62
Anna Maria Myklebust '79
Stephen and Jami Nachtsheim
Edwin and Mary Costello Nakasone '49
Charles Neerland and Maureen Kelly Neerland '62
Maria Nhambu '67
Elinor Schmitt Nicklawske '59
Helyn Teno Novak '46
Veronica (Bonnie) O'Connor '60 and Ron Hopfensperger
Susan Oeffling, CSJ '65
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Page
G. Richard and Peggy Palen
Beatrice Mulvehill Palmer, MAT '87
Anita M. Pampusch '62 and Frank J. Indihar
Nancy Parlin '56
Patricia Perell '78
Mary Kay Donahugh Perron '64
Henry and Margaret Fesenmaier Pierpan '58
Joan Mahoney Pilney '57
Donna M. Pink '88, '89
Carolyn Puccio, CSJ '65
Mary Joan Clarity Quinn '54
Teresa Rolling Radzinski '86
Susan Denzel Reinders '56
Ellen and Tom Richter-Norgel
Mark, MAT '88 and Becky Roloff '76
John and Kathleen Borden Rooney '52
Carla Jean Link Rose '89
Mary Catherine Ryan '47
Mary L. Ryan '66
Claudia and Cal Ryan-Mosley
Gertrude E. Scheller '50
Angela Schreiber, CSJ '58, MAT '97
Robert and Mary Anne Duevel Schulte '47
Mary Emery Shearen '75
Lawrence and Kathleen Brandes Shearon '60
Dudley and DeAnne Boeltl Sherman '67
J. Thomas and Helen Kennedy Simonet '51
Richard H. and Mary Jo Kisch Skaggs '61
Leo and Sarann Ryan Slattery '59
Tracy A. Steele '69
Susan O'Connor Stevens '69
Michael and Marilyn Sullivan
Tess Sullivan
Alice Swan
Edward Swanson
Mary Falenczykowski Tanghe '66
Vickie Halverson Taylor '74
Judi Druke Teske '66
Dorothy and Richard Thews
Patricia Bluml Timmons '63
Annemarie Tobin '77
Carol and Lynn Truesdell
Richard and Carol Lamphere Vasatka '54
Patricia Giessel Vecchie '50
Dr. Kenneth and Grace Vos
Janice Buckley Walsh '57
Thomas and Marcella Flaten Wartman '49
Diane C. Watson '65 †
Vera and John Wenzel
E. Theresa Byrne Westine '67
Marianne Wheelock '80 and Scott Kajer
Julie Belle White-Newman and John Newman
Beth and Scotty Wild
Jean Wincek, CSJ '62
Lee A. Woodward '93
Mary Louise Wright '49



"I've had many opportunities in my lifetime, and being intentionally motivated to pay it forward is the right thing to do. It is important to be connected to a greater purpose than oneself. I am connected in that way to the College of St. Catherine."


† indicates deceased

While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the donor records, errors occasionally occur. If your name has been omitted, misspelled or misplaced, please accept our apologies and contact the College of St. Catherine at (651) 690-6526 or e-mail