Transferring Credits to St. Kate’s

If you have previous college experience, your course credits may count toward your baccalaureate degree in St. Kate’s Evening/Weekend/Online Program.

Credit evaluation

Course Equivalency Tool

Estimate how many credits you’ll be able to transfer to St. Kate’s.

Try our course equivalency tool »

We evaluate transfer coursework on a course-by-course basis and award transfer credits for courses with a grade C- (or its equivalent) or higher.

Associate degrees

If you have an associate degree from another institution, we will work with you to determine how it can transfer. An associate degree does not guarantee junior status.

We do not automatically exempt students with associate degrees from any graduation requirements, including total credits, major or non-major credits, residency, proficiencies and liberal arts core.

Residency requirements

To earn a baccalaureate degree from St. Kate’s, you must earn a minimum of 130 credits — and 48 credits must be completed in residence or at this University.

To be eligible for Latin honors, you must complete 64 credits in residence. You must complete a minimum of half the total number of courses required for your major in residence.

Credit for prior learning

You can earn credits via standardized tests for knowledge you have attained. Read more about credit for prior learning »

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