Mel Gerten ’11

Mel Gerten ’11

  • From: Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota
  • Major: Accounting and Financial Economics
  • Activities: Varsity hockey goalie
  • Honors: MIAC All-Rookie team
    and Honorable Mention team
    as a first-year student; school
    record for most saves in a season

Why did you choose St. Kate’s?
“The business and accounting professors prepare you for life. They give you the tools you need to choose a career path and to be successful.” 

What has surprised you about St. Kate’s?
“How small the classes are. In high school I was used to classes of 30 students. Most of my classes at St. Kate’s have 15 people or fewer. I get the one-on-one attention that I need from the professors, and I feel engaged in my education.”  

Have you used St. Kate’s career development services?
“Yes. The career development office has been great in assisting me with my search for an internship. They have interview preparation materials and career counselors. St. Kate’s also hosts a large career fair each year.” 

Why study business in a liberal arts environment?
“Studying the liberal arts has improved my critical thinking skills. My philosophy and theology coursework has helped me understand the complexity of ethics and how important they are in everyday life, as well as in the business world.”  

How does St. Kate’s focus on women’s leadership affect your education?
“It helps me to understand my strengths as a female leader. Ultimately, it gives me the confidence to take on leadership roles either in class or in a career.” 

Did St. Kate’s help you apply for financial aid to fund your education?
“The financial aid office helped me get the most funding available. A financial aid counselor made sure I was getting the maximum funding available based on my FAFSA.” 

What is the value of a St. Kate’s education?
“My St. Kate’s education is the best investment I have made in my future. It has equipped me with the skills to be successful in graduate school or a full-time career.”