Photo of Sam Lucking

Sam Lucking ’12

Hastings, Minnesota

Why St. Kate’s: “When I first visited the campus, I instantly knew this was where I would be going to college. I love St. Kate’s because of how small and close-knit everything is. I grew up just outside of Hastings, and this campus reminds me of that place. The University gives off an unexplainable atmosphere that I can’t get enough of.”  

On classes at St. Kate’s: “It’s hard to choose a favorite. Each class I’ve taken has been unique. Some of my favorites include art, piano and marketing. The classes I like tend to have a more creative focus, because I like being creative.”

Sam, who’s majoring in business administration, marketing and management, has a minor in graphic design.

Outside the classroom: Sam is a student ambassador for the Admission office and a math tutor in the O’Neill Center, and she’s been an orientation leader the past two years.

Pursuing excellence: Sam’s also been on the Dean’s List three times, and she’s earned a Valedictorian Scholarship.

Life at St. Kate’s: “The focus is on academics, social justice and becoming leaders. You may find these elements at other places, too, but at St. Kate’s they’re strongly intertwined into daily life.”

Future plans: “We’ll have to see when it gets here!”

Advice to new students: “Branch out, get involved and meet as many people as possible while you’re here. Networking is one of the main keys to success in any career in this day and age — and the more people you know, the more opportunities you have to succeed.”