A woman teaching two kids.
St. Kate's students are helping in
classroom throughout the Twin Cities.

A nurse taking a patient's temperature.
Healthcare students are caring for the
sick wherever they're needed.

Three St. Kate's students in orange shirts.
Community outreach comes in all forms.
Katies volunteer at the 2010 YWCA Triathlon.

Promoting JusticeImproving the world

At St. Kate's, students and faculty members strive to make the world a better place for the disadvantaged and the voiceless.

  • More than 500 students participate in service-learning courses and off-campus experiences each year.
  • 88 percent of our students volunteer because they want to.

Two ways our students are helping:

  • They're reading to children at schools.
  • They're tutoring new immigrants in English at community education programs.

"We're teaching students to be ethical leaders working in partnership with the community in which we belong."
— Martha Malinski,
director of community work and learning

The Center for Community Work and Learning works closely with St. Kate's faculty to incorporate service learning into their curriculum.

The Twin Cities area has the higest rate of volunteerism among large cities in the United States. Coincidence?