Student Employment

Student workers are important members of the St. Kate’s community! We view campus employment as an integral part of your education and professional development.

Research shows that students employed on campus do better in school and are more likely to graduate than those students who do not work on campus. We believe this success is due to student employees learning good time-management skills and building relationships with members of the campus community outside of the classroom.

Although we cannot guarantee every student a job, we have established procedures to assist you in the job-finding process.

Potential jobs

Here are some of the positions that St. Kate’s students have held:

  • Office/clerical assistants
  • Butler Center receptionists and lifeguards
  • Dining Services staff
  • Library aides
  • Residence hall receptionists
  • O'Shaughnessy Auditorium ushers
  • Computer center assistants
  • Science lab assistants
  • Early Childhood Center aides
  • America Reads tutors - St. Kate’s joined the America Reads Challenge in September 1997. This program helps children in kindergarten through third grade improve their reading skills. St. Kate’s currently has several sites available with a variety of daytime shifts to fit students’ schedules.
  • Community service - St. Kate’s currently has several community partners that are looking for students to assist them. Many different types of positions are available, including both direct service and administrative tasks.

Benefits of student employment

  • Schedules are often more flexible. Shifts can be shorter and are scheduled between classes.
  • The starting wage for campus jobs is about $7.75 per hour.
  • The University is exempt from withholding social security taxes from your check for on-campus jobs. This means you receive 7.65 percent more per hour than students who work off campus.

More information is available on the Student Employment website.