A student holding a cup of water with a snail inside.
Biology experiments in a lab

A girl taking a measurement.
Fieldwork on the St. Paul campus

Two women conducting a water test in a stream.
Stream research in California

Find PurposeInternships and fieldwork

At St. Kate’s, podium lectures are rare. You have plenty of chances to explore your career interests or decide on a major through internships, fieldwork, work-study, volunteer work or research with a faculty member.

This type of learning is valuable because it can open your eyes to a new career path, confirm your interests and, even, lead to a full-time job.

If you major in nursing, education, occupational therapy or social work, you'll have opportunities to do fieldwork at nearby schools, healthcare centers and community agencies.

Students in other majors can benefit from our partnerships with a wide variety of organizations and businesses — big, small, privately owned or government run — many of them located in the Twin Cities, the primary business center between Chicago and Seattle.

Examples of St. Kate's internship sites:

Learn how to set up an internship at the Career Development office.

Opportunities to work or conduct research with a faculty of staff member are available through St. Kate's Assistantship Mentoring Program. Read more about it.