AM2 Tuition, fees and financial aid

By offering you a pathway to earn credit for prior Montessori teacher training, as well as a concentrated, online program of study, AM2 offers extraordinary value to Montessori educators seeking advanced learning. You'll fit graduate education into your working life and, within 7-11 months, finish a master's degree that expands your capabilities as a Montessori professional.

AM2 students also have access to the federal Direct Plus loan and other financial aid opportunities and services. See our graduate tuition and financial aid page for details.


The information below offers general guidelines about the cost of attendance in the AM2 program, based on tuition and fee rates in effect for the next academic year. Because new rates go into effect every June, this information does not fully reflect costs you will pay in Summer 2014 or later. This page will be updated as new rates are announced.

You may also incur additional personal expenses beyond tuition and fees paid to St. Kate's, including travel and lodging expenses for your 2-3 day residency.

See the table below for a detailed breakdown of AM2 online Montessori program tuition and fees for June 2013–May 2014.

Fall Cohort

On-campus learning experience
Housing, meals and transportation On your own
Welcome dinner Complimentary
Fall semester (September–December 2013)
Fees for recognition of Montessori credential for 9 credits $315
Tuition (for 6 credits) $3,660
Student fees $30
Spring semester (February–May 2014)
Fees for recognition of Montessori credential for 6 credits $210
Tuition (for 9 credits) $5,490
Student fees $30
Total for program $9,705†

†Not inclusive of costs incurred on your own during your 2-3 day residency.

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