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Why St. Kate’s

A radiography faculty member working working with a student

A well-rounded education

Many radiography programs emphasize technology. At St. Kate’s you’ll also get a well-rounded liberal arts education. Course work in psychology, ethics and social justice will help you understand and empathize with your patients.

You’ll graduate with not only technical and critical thinking skills, but also skills in communication and professionalism.

Small classes for a close-knit experience

Only 15 students are admitted into each class of the Radiography program. You’ll get to know fellow students as friends, receive individual attention from faculty and have opportunities for academic and personal support.

Part of the college community

As a St. Kate’s student you’ll expand your horizons by joining the broader college community. Not only will you learn collaboratively with students of varying professions in the School of Health such as nursing and physical therapy, you’ll also be able to take advantage of campus-wide events.

You can attend relevant talks about the multicultural community you’ll serve, as well as international celebrations, athletic events, theatrical performances and musical concerts.

Starting your career with confidence

After completing our comprehensive, hands-on program, you’ll have the experience to start your career immediately following graduation — and with the confidence that you can perform competently and professionally from day one.