Clinicals and Research

St. Kate’s orthoptics majors are required to complete three clinical experiences called clinical externships — with certified orthoptists and pediatric ophthalmologists — prior to their final residency.

These externships keep you a step ahead in this competitive field and are a definite plus in a job interview.

Clinical externships sites are located in settings across the United States. You will work directly with a certified orthoptist, who serves as a clinical preceptor. Our orthoptics faculty will supervise and maintain contact with you during your clinical experiences via regular discussion board postings.

Clinical Externships

Clinical Externship I happens the summer between your third and fourth years. You will be placed in externships — most of which are located outside Minnesota — so you can continue to refine your clinical skills.

Clinical Externship II is additional experience designed to meet the certification requirements established by the American Orthoptic Council.

Clinical Externship III takes place in your final year. You are assigned a clinical setting, where you will work directly with a certified orthoptist and a pediatric or neuro ophthalmologist.

Final residency

After meeting all the academic requirements, you must undergo a five-month additional clinical component. This residency allows you to meet the minimum number of patient examinations required by the American Orthoptic Council.