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Academic Plan

The post-baccalaureate nursing major consists of a sequence of six nursing courses totaling 40 credits and a series of prerequisite and supporting courses, which varies in number of credits for each applicant based on credits earned at other institutions.

Schedule and timeline

The post-baccalaureate nursing certificate is offered in traditional day or evening/weekend formats.

Evening/weekend format

The first 16 months of the program are devoted to completion of prerequisite courses. Prerequisite and supporting courses are available in the Weekend College format, meeting on alternate weekends in 3.5-hour periods. Classes may be scheduled on Friday evenings, Saturday or Sunday mornings or afternoons. Certain prerequisite courses meet an additional two evenings per week.

Nursing courses are completed over the final two years of the program and are scheduled in a semester format, meeting two evenings per week and periodically on Saturdays. Additional time may be scheduled during summer session of the first year.

On certain occasions, some daytime clinical experiences will be scheduled. Students are informed of these daytime requirements far in advance to make necessary arrangements.

Students who have completed prerequisite coursework early do not begin nursing coursework early, as all students in a cohort take courses together.

Admission to the evening/weekend section is coordinated by the Weekend Admission office.

Day format

You may also choose to complete the certificate in a traditional weekday format. Prerequisite and supporting courses must be completed before beginning nursing courses, which are completed over the final two years of the program and are scheduled in a semester format.

Admission to the day section is coordinated through the Office of Undergraduate Admission.

Prerequisite and supporting coursework

See the table below for prerequisite and supporting courses. These courses must be completed before beginning the nursing course sequence.

Prerequisite courses

  • PSYC 1001: General Psychology
  • PSYC 2025: Lifespan Developmental Psychology
  • SOCI 1000: Principles of Sociology
  • CHEM 1010: General Chemistry for Health Sciences
  • BIOL 2510: Human Anatomy and Physiology I
  • BIOL 2520: Human Anatomy and Physiology II
  • MATH 1080: Statistical Analysis OR ECON 2250: Statistical Analysis for Decision Making OR PSYC 2050: Statistical Methods in Psychology OR ECON 2200: Statistical Analysis for the Social Sciences
  • BIOL 2200: Introduction to Microbiology or BIOL 2450: Applied Microbiology
  • FSNU 3000: Nutrition

Supporting course

  • THEO 2200: Christian Ethics or PHIL 3400: Biomedical Ethics

Previous coursework will be evaluated during the admission process and credit will be given for equivalent prerequisite coursework earned at another institution. Once accepted into the program, students are required to complete all remaining coursework at St. Catherine.

Prerequisite coursework must be completed with a cumulative grade-point average of 2.75 on a four-point scale before beginning the nursing course sequence.

Nursing courses

The nursing major consists of the following courses:

  • NURS 3200: Introduction to Nursing Theory and Practice
  • NURS 3300: Application of Nursing Theory and Skills
  • NURS 3600: Nursing Theory and Practice to Promote Health
  • NURS 3700: The Family as a Client
  • NURS 4300: Professional Nursing Practice in Complex Client Systems
  • NURS 4400: Leadership/Management in Population-Based Nursing Practice

For detailed course descriptions, visit the courses page.