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Academic Plan

A nursing student reading from equipment during clinicals

The associate of science in nursing degree program includes 32 nursing credits and 36 non-major credits including Core Integrated Learning (CIL), liberal arts and sciences requirements and supporting courses.

In most cases, the nursing program takes four semesters to complete. Upon graduation, you are eligible to apply to take the state licensure exam as a registered nurse (RN).

Below is a list of required courses. Each tab displays requirements from each category.

Required nursing courses:

  • NURS 1982: Topics: Introduction to Pharmacology
  • NURS 1983: Topics: Care of Adult Patients with Chronic Health Alterations
  • NURS 1983: Topics: Care of the Patients with Common, Non-Complex Acute and Chronic Health Alterations
  • NURS 1984: Topics: Care of the Childbearing Family and Families Across the Lifespan
  • NURS 1984: Topics: Care of Adults with Common, Unstable Chronic and Acute Health Alteration
  • NURS 2984: Topics: Focus on the Care of Persons with Acute Mental Health Conditions
  • NURS 2984: Topics: Care of Patients Experiencing Acute Unstable Complex Medical-Surgical Conditions
  • NURS 2988: Topics: Synthesis and Transition

Required supporting courses:

  • BIOL 2400: General Anatomy & Physiology
  • BIOL 2410: Advanced Anatomy & Physiology
  • BIOL 2450: Applied Microbiology
  • ENGL 1100: Composition
  • PHIL 2000: Ethical Problems in Healthcare
  • PSYC 1000 General Psychology
  • PSYC 2020: Lifespan Developmental Psychology

Additional Liberal arts and sciences requirements:

  • SSCS 1000: Power and Social Change
  • ENGL: Writing-based literature elective
  • Art elective
  • Social science elective
  • Theology elective
  • CIL 1500: Transcultural Learning Through Community Connections or CIL 1400: Health Justice
  • Demonstration of math competency (or MATH: 1000)

Program prerequisites

After you are admitted to St. Catherine, you must apply to the Nursing Department to begin the nursing course sequence outlined above. To view prerequisites to the nursing program, see the Program Requirements page.