Our faculty members are experienced professionals who challenge and mentor students. They bring a variety of research interests to their teaching — call or email them to learn more.

Name Phone E-mail
All phone numbers start with 651.690 unless noted.
Patricia Connors
Department Chair
6688 pcconnors@stkate.edu
Arlene Goter
6699 agoter@stkate.edu
Allison Adrian
Assistant Professor
6689 aeadrian@stkate.edu
Kristie Tigges
6691 kmtigges@stkate.edu
Arlis Dale
Administrative Assistant
6690 ajdale@stkate.edu
Joanne Tierney
Adjunct Faculty - Piano
6692 jo.tierney@comcast.net
Carol Van Nostrand
Adjunct Faculty - Piano
6687 clvannstrand@stkate.edu
Ewa Bujak
Adjunct Faculty - Violin/Viola
6697 embujaksp@q.com
Elizabeth Cregan
Adjunct Faculty - Viola
Amy Morris
Adjunct Faculty - Flue
6697 amymorris7@yahoo.com
Elizabeth Pauly
Adjunct Faculty - Voice
6697 empauly@mac.com
Jeffrey Thygeson
Adjunct Faculty - Guitar
6687 jkthygeson@stthomas.edu
Anna Vazquez
Adjunct Faculty - Cello
6697 annavazquez@netzero.com