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Academic Plan

The music curriculum is currently undergoing substantial revision. The major programs of study being proposed likely will require various combinations of the music courses listed below, along with courses in related disciplines.

  • Music Theory Basic Skills I
  • Music Theory Basic Skills II
  • The Art of Listening
  • World Music (formerly Music Outside the Western Tradition)
  • Vocal Music of the Church
  • History of Rock
  • Conducting
  • Women in Music
  • Music in the Twin Cities
  • Practical Seminar in Church Music
  • Survey of Musical Theater
  • Private lessons
  • Ensembles

See full course descriptions to learn more about each course offering »

Private music instruction

For more information about private music lessons, see the private instruction page.


To learn more about vocal and instrumental ensembles at St. Kate's, visit the ensembles page.

Fine arts requirement

All music courses fulfill the fine arts core requirement and are open to all students, regardless of major.