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Spiritual Direction Graduate Certificate

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The Spiritual Direction Graduate Certificate program addresses the increasing demands for credentials and competency in the field.

The program's academic component includes knowledge of psychological development, Christian spirituality, scriptural studies and systematic theology. In addition to academic competence, students receive ongoing individual spiritual direction within an integrated program emphasizing a holistic approach to experience, prayerful reflection, and attention to health and wellness issues.

A supervised internship with a recognized spiritual formation team or director is part of the certificate program, and is arranged through the spiritual direction coordinator. This involves:

  • an initial interview with a designated staff person to assess a person’s aptitude for this ministry;
  • ongoing monthly spiritual direction with a qualified director of one’s choice;
  • participation in 100-150 hours of actual directing while being supervised in individual and/or group sessions; and
  • completion of all program expectations.

For more information about the Spiritual Direction Certificate, contact William McDonough at (651) 690-6072.

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