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career advancement

"At St. Kate's I earned more than a degree. I became part of a wonderful network of men, women and faculty with whom I still connect."
— Debra Lindh '07
Entrepreneur — Messy Face Designs

Career Advancement

If you enroll in St. Catherine’s MAOL program, be prepared to change. The leadership skills you gain will prepare you to take on more responsibilities, rise to higher management positions and achieve a broader view to help your organization succeed.

The MAOL was a pivotal, career-changing experience for these

  • Philomena Morrissey Satre MAOL ’08, vice president of
    diversity and inclusion, Great Lakes region, Wells Fargo, brought the
    MAOL certificate program into her company to strengthen cross-company leadership.
  • Dawn Lindblom MAOL ’08 turned around flagging morale to create a successful team across multiple sites as CEO of the American Red Cross, Capital Region Chapter, in Sacramento, California.
  • Jill Bryan-Ehr MAOL '09 was promoted from wheat scientist at Cargill headquarters in Minneapolis to change management consultant working in Cargill’s London office.
  • Alex Masui MAOL '11 was promoted from her longstanding sales position at Cisco Systems to a challenging role as global business development manager.

Whether you stay in your current role and learn to work and think in different ways or evolve to a more challenging role as a result of your MAOL experience, your career will be ever altered by your understanding of your leadership strengths, your knowledge of leadership principles and your grasp of the foundational skills needed to lead.

Come to the MAOL ready to challenge yourself and your organization.

A valuable network

After you graduate, the MAOL Alumni Network offers channels to support professional networking, lifelong learning and giving back. Opportunities include informal networking events and service projects, an annual leadership event, the program’s Leading Edge newsletter and outreach to current MAOL students.