Rigorous classes and personal relationships with classmates and professors distinguish the MAOL from other programs.

about MAOL

"To excel in today's world, a leader must be ethical, effective and enduring."
— Julie Belle White-Newman, founding MAOL program director

About Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership

The MAOL program educates today's leaders for tomorrow's challenges. Based on the fundamental principle that good leadership is ethical, effective and enduring, the program engages students from a wide range of backgrounds to become the leaders needed in today's business world.

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Mission Statement

To be the distinctive graduate program for women and men who seek to think critically, manage skillfully, act ethically and lead courageously within a global context.

MAOL Vision

The Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership develops students' professional and personal abilities to be effective, ethical and enduring leaders.

Leadership Outcomes

The MAOL program strengthens students’ abilities to lead responsibly, act with confidence, make ethical decisions, manage strategically, achieve organizational goals, conduct and apply research, communicate effectively, understand and lead organizational change, and practice global citizenship. This is done through the completion of MAOL course work, the final leadership research action project or thesis and a leadership portfolio.

Completion of the MAOL program gives students the knowledge and tools to:

  • Lead responsibly by drawing upon their own unique leadership abilities, experiences and goals, as well as current leadership concepts and strategies to address organizational issues.
  • Act with confidence by utilizing self-reflection and awareness to know why, when and how to lead, follow, model and mentor.
  • Make ethical decisions by acting from an informed ethical perspective, considering all stakeholders and applying ethical decision-making tools to organizational dilemmas.
  • Manage and market strategically by analyzing an organization’s operating environment, envisioning its future and developing strategic objectives to manage people, processes and resources effectively.
  • Apply effective logic and analytical tools from business, accounting, sales and economics to identify problems, generate creative, pragmatic solutions, implement appropriate actions and evaluate success to achieve organizational goals.
  • Conduct and apply research by accessing, critically evaluating and applying research findings, as well as conducting individual or collaborative research projects.
  • Communicate effectively by capitalizing on personal strengths as a communicator and by employing targeted strategies for influencing, motivating, advocating, team building and managing conflict.
  • Understand and lead organizational change by working with others to assess culture, roles, structure, local environment and global context so as to achieve organization, vision and resolve challenges.
  • Practice global citizenship by incorporating a global context into organizational decision-making through strategic recognition of the world-wide impact of local decisions.

Degree and Program Format

The MAOL program offers courses during two 15-week semesters (Fall and Spring), a four-week January term, and a 10-week summer term.

It's possible to finish the program in two years, but many students take the time to go deeper into the leadership concepts. During the fall, and spring semesters, a course will meet eight times during the semester: either Thursday or Friday evenings or Saturday morning or afternoon.

Classes combine interactive, three-hour, face-to-face sessions with online contact between meetings — posting assignments, engaging in discussions with other students and connecting with faculty during online "office" hours.

Minnesota Census of Women in Corporate Leadership

Since 2008, St. Kate's MAOL faculty members have pioneered research into women's presence on corporate boards and in positions of leadership. Their findings are available online: