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Student Outcomes

Our students in holistic health studies come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Here are some of their stories and where a St. Kate’s master of arts degree in holistic health studies took them. Where will it take you?

Enhancing careers

  • A student who was an occupational therapist was hired shortly after graduation as an occupational therapist in the public schools system.  She was confident that her master’s degree in Holistic Health Studies helped her stand out from the competition and be hired for the job.  

    She sees many opportunities in the public school system, which has a new wellness initiative. She is integrating holistic approaches into occupational therapy including "alphabet yoga,” which is helping children develop gross motor skills.
  • A student entering with a bachelor’s degree in speech communications and urban studies was promoted to an Associate Executive Director position after completing her master’s degree in Holistic Health Studies.

    She works in an innovative non-profit that offers free complementary/ alternative services to clients experiencing life-threatening or chronic illness.

Finding dream jobs

  • A student who entered the program with a master of science degree in sport science, fitness, and health was employed as a research assistant in her field at a major university upon graduation. She described this as her dream job.  
  • A student entering with bachelor’s degrees in studio art and Asian studies set up a private practice in health coaching upon graduation.

Fulfilling goals

  • A student entering the program with a bachelor’s degree in business is continuing her private practice, workshops and speaking related to complementary/ alternative healing.

    This student met a major career goal by being hired to teach holistic health studies courses at the community college level.