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Why St. Kate’s

A student in an economics class

With the background in business principles and economic theory from you St. Kate’s education, you'll be ready to tackle any career or educational goals. The international business and economics major is an excellent preparation for the business world, but it will also be a steady foundation for graduate studies.

Strength through the liberal arts

Your liberal arts core classes will make you a well-rounded individual, truly capable of rising to any occasion.

A growing field for women

Career opportunities for women trained in international business and economics are promising. Though business and economics have traditionally been male-dominated, more and more women are stepping into leadership roles. St. Kate’s will help you on the way to becoming one of them.

Internship possibilities

As an international business and economics major, you’ll gain practical experience through internship experiences that will prepare you to communicate and demonstrate your unique skills to potential employers.

An internship in your major area will be an important way for you to gain practical experience that increases the value you bring to organizations after graduation. Students have interned at large and small corporations in the Twin Cities area such as Wells Fargo Bank.

International Business and Economics Club

You’ll have the opportunity to participate in the International Business and Economics Club, which brings students together from the economics, the international business and economics, and the financial economics majors.