Family, Consumer and Nutritional Sciences (FCSN) Vision and Mission

Vision - To be an innovative department renowned for rigorous, diverse programs of study steeped in the Catholic liberal arts tradition and distinguished by exemplary graduates responsibly engaged in the world.

Mission - Founded first on Catholic liberal arts tradition and offering rigorous programs of study, the Family, Consumer and Nutritional Sciences (FCNS) department educates women to be professional, ethical leaders. Grounded in science, the students become content experts with an innovative mindset and professional voice. The curriculum empowers students to understand and reflect upon the multi-faceted issues facing individuals and families today, challenging graduates to advocate for the dear neighbor without distinction in a socially responsible manner. Strong inter-professional and community collaborations prepare women for transformational leadership, life-long learning and a commitment to sustainability in the global context.

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Using Your Degree

Students working in food lab.

St. Kate's dietetics major is excellent preparation for a career in nutrition, weight management or food research in many settings, including:

  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Long-term care facilities
  • Food companies
  • Food service industry
  • Colleges and universities
  • Private practice

Our alumnae include:

  • Kim Nguyen, who did her dietetic internship at St. Mary's/Mayo and now works as a dietitian at Regions Hospital.
  • Nicole Hanson Larson, who completed her dietetic internship, masters and doctorate in public health nutrition and does internationally recognized research in children and adolescent eating behaviors and nutritional issues.
  • Brooke Schneider, a dietitian with an eating disorders treatment program in the Twin Cities.
  • Michelle Tucker, a senior nutrition scientist with the General Mills Bell Institute of Health and Nutrition.

Advanced study opportunities

Your dietetics degree from St. Kate's will also open doors for graduate work in nutrition and other fields, including biology, medicine and business administration. With an advanced degree in dietetics and nutrition, you can establish careers in areas such as:

  • consumer affairs
  • family therapy
  • human services
  • financial advising
  • parenting education
  • library science

You can also combine a career in research and education. Our professors are role models. All are often teaching about nutrition and dietetics while carrying out their research on topics of personal interest.