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The chemistry department at St. Catherine University is well-equipped with an array of modern instrumentation that undergraduate students use in class laboratories and in research projects.

  • JEOL 400MHz FT-NMR spectrometer with pulsed-field gradient 5mm auto-tune probe, variable temperature capable
  • Riyaku XtaLAB mini benchtop single-crystal X-ray Diffractometer
  • Cary Bio UV-Visible Double Beam Spectrophotometer with dual Peltier temperature-control accessory
  • HP 8452A Diode Array Spectrophotometer
  • Perkin Elmer Spectrum One FTIR with PIKE Technologies ZnSe ATR accessory
  • Perkin Elmer Gas Chromatograph with capillary column/field-ionization detector and packed column/thermal conductivity detector
  • Varian Fast Sequential Atomic Absorption Spectrometer with lamps for Ca, Mg, Al, Cu, Mn, Zn, Fe and Pb
  • Waters 600 HPLC
  • Bioanalytical Systems CV-50W Voltametric Analyzer with cell stand
  • 405nm Laser Diode Light Scattering Ocean Optics Spectrometer
  • Ocean Optics bifurcated fiber optic Fluorimeter
  • Johnson Matthey Magnetic Susceptibility balance
  • Thermo-refrigerated centrifuge
  • Isotemp vacuum oven
  • 4°C walk-in refrigerator
  • 6.4ft -80°C deep freezer
  • J TL100 ultracentrifuge
  • Labconco freeze dry system
  • Bronson SLPe Sonifier Cell Disruptor
  • Benchmark 10L incubator shaker
  • J2-21 centrifuge
  • Vacuum schlenk line