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3+3 Dual Degree: Biology and DPT

St. Kate’s offers a convenient dual-degree program combining the core biology major and physical therapy. Upon completion of the six-year program, you will have both a bachelor's degree in applied science in biology and a doctorate in physical therapy, ready to begin your career in healthcare.

Below is a sample course plan for the first three years of the program. Upon admission, you will be assigned an academic adviser who will help you choose electives and courses to best fit your interests and the requirements of the program.

CORE 1000: The Reflective Woman*
PSYC 1001: General Psychology
CHEM 1110: General Chemistry
BIOL 1210: General Biology I

BIOL 1220: General Biology II
PSYC: Psychology elective
CHEM 1120: General Chemistry II

Elective (if needed)

BIOL 2800: Cell Biology
MATH 1130: Calculus I or MATH 1110: Functions with Calculus 1A
BIOL 3140: Comparative Vertebrate Physiology
INDI 2220: Medical Terminology

BIOL 2900: Genetics
MATH 1120: Functions with Calculus 1B or Elective
BIOL 3120: Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy

100 hours of clinical experience

PHYS 1110: Introductory Physics I or PHYS 1080: Physics for the Health Sciences I
CORE 3990: Global Search for Justice*
Statistics course
Elective or BIOL 3140

PHYS 1120: Introductory Physics I or PHYS 1090: Physics for the Health Sciences II
INDI 4990: Introduction to Physical Therapy
BIOL 4850: Senior Seminar
Elective or BIOL 3120

* Denotes course is part of liberal arts and sciences core requirements (for all majors).

For detailed course descriptions, visit the courses page.