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Jesenia Eduarte, class of 2010

Jesenia Eduarte ’10

St. Paul, Minn.

Path to St. Kate’s: Jesenia transferred to St. Kate’s after spending her first year of college at a large university.

“The smaller class sizes at St. Kate’s allowed me to meet new friends who shared more than one class with me, which provided a more friendly atmosphere to study and work together. And the professors are so amazing and helpful with lots of one-on-one support.”

Why business-to-business (B2B) sales? Jesenia started her post-secondary studies in engineering, but a retail sales experience uncovered a passion for helping people select the right product for their needs.

She decided to take her passion to the next level and move into the world of business where the possibilities are endless.

Favorite course: “Although I was nervous about doing sales role play, the Professional Selling course prepared me with many mock scenarios for a final role play with an actual buying professional.

“My nerves went away from all of the practice and now role plays and internship interviews are not stressful, but actually fun!”

Outside of class: Jesenia joined Pi Sigma Epsilon, a marketing/sales club on campus, and became vice president of finance for the group. This role increased her proficiency in Excel spreadsheets and prepared her for potential internship duties.

Most valuable thing learned at St. Kate’s: “Building relationships wherever you are will help to add to your success, whether it’s the St. Kate’s faculty or connections built through networking.”

Future plans: “Becoming a successful B2B sales representative in whatever product or service I choose.”